List of submitted papers of SubSeaTECH2014
A.S. ACHKINADZE   Algorithm of Propulsion Performance Estimations in  Viscous Fluid              

I. V. ALESHIN, V.K. Goncharov, A.S. Portnoy, E.S. Zueva The Systematic Procedure of the Response to Accidental Marine Pollution
A.N. ALESHKIN, L.G. Gorbov, V.M. Levshakov, A.A. Vasiliev Development of Modern Technologies for Submarine Production in Russian Shipbuilding
I.F. GLUMOV, S.P. Alekseev, A.F. Zenkov, K.G. Stavrov Employment of Advanced Technologies to Substantiate the Outer Limit of the Continental Shelf of the Russian
Federation in the Arctic Ocean
S.L. BRAGIN, V.T. Grumondz On Water Entry of a Cylindrical Body of Revolution with Profiled Head Part at Small Incidence and Pitch Angle
Leonid Yu. BUGROV Subsea fish-farming technology as tool for integration of aquaculture, offshore oil industry, alternative energy generators and marine environment safety
M. CHEMODANOV Application of IT-Technologies and Advanced Algorithms of the Information Processing in the Sphere of Dredging and Underwater Extraction in Russia
CHEN HAO, Cheng Jinfang, Li Jing A Method of Imitation of the UUV’s Magnetic Field by Magnets
L.S. DOLIN, I.M. Levin Recent Developments in Underwater Imaging Theory
DU TAILI, Huang Lianzhong, Wu Guitao Anchoring Drag Damage upon Sea Pipelines
V.K. GONCHAROV, E.S. Zueva Parametrization of Ice Cover Freezing Rate and Crystallization Heat Flow on the Base of Zubov’s Formulae
V.T. GRUMONDZ, Yu. F. Zhuravlev, E.V. Paryshev, V.P. Sokolyansky, O.P. Shorygin Academician G.V. Logvinovich - Founder of a Scientific Research School for
Hydrodynamics of Flows with Free Boundaries
V.T. GRUMONDZ, D.N. Korzhov On Stability of Steady Motion of a High-Speed Underwater Vehicle with Ring-like Stern Wing
Alain HOUARD Operation LUNE, revealing the Secret of Sun King’s Ship Wreck with 3D Immersive Technology
V.N. ILYUKHIN, S.A. Gubkin Underwater Technology and Research and Rescue Technique in the System of Technical Regulation
V.N. ILYUKHIN International Cooperation on Underwater Technology and Search and Rescue Technique in the System of Technical Regulation

R.N. KARAEV, G.F. Miralamov Underwater Operational Systems
K.G. KEBKAL, O.G. Kebkal, E.V. Glushko Accuracy of Acoustic Propagation Time Measurements in Algorithms of Clocks Synchronizations in Underwater Acoustic Sensor
A.I. KOROTKIN, Yu. A. Rogovoy, S.Yu. Soloviev, O.K. Tokarev Hydrodynamic Parameters of Circular Cylinder in Proximity to Solid Boundary
I.V. KOZHEMYAKIN, K.V. Rozhdestvensky, V.A. Ryzhov, A.V. Smolnikov Experience of the Development and Creation of Underwater Vehicles with Hydrodynamic Principles
of Motion
V.Ya. KUPER, M.G. Rubtsov Methods for Providing High Accuracy and Metrological Reliability of Hydrological Instrumentation
A. LEVOCHSKY, S. Chalov Modern Equipment for Diving and Targets of the National Dive League
M. MIKHEEV Development of a Conceptual Design of Small Dimension Underwater Passenger Vehicle
Mojtaba MADHKHAN Design and Implementation of ROV’s in Iran
Leonid A. NAUMOV Technologies of developing and implementing underwater robots
Vladimir S. NIKITIN Lifting sunk radiation objects of the arctic seas
E.V. PARYSHEV On the Problem of Impact and Submersion  of a Cylinder in Cavity
S.G. SERDYUKOV Underwater technologies in operation of gas pipeline Nord Stream
V.V. SEREBRYAKOV Practical Methods of Calculation for Cavitating Flows behind Symmetrical Bodies
S.A. SERGIEVSKY Application of Advanced Computer Technologies for Solving Problems of Engineering Analysis in Shipbuilding
Alexander N. SMIRNOV  Solid minerals of the Russian shelf zones
V.V. SYNITSA, N.L. Poley Automated Bottom Drilling Rig
A.G. TERENTIEV, A.A. Terentiev Energy of Sea Currents and Ways of Its Use
Evgeny E. TOROPOV Advantages of use of modern engineering technologies: example of developments of the project of oil and gas installations at the Central Design Bureau
of Marine Engineering RUBIN

Chris WELSH Flying to Mariana Trench in  a Submarine
WENG Zhenping The Development of Large HOV
John WESTWOOD Business Prospects for the Subsea Industry
XU PENGFEI, Ma Libin, Wang Lei The Development of Seakite ARV
YU JUN, Wang Yong-jun, Huang Jin-hao Multi-Objective Design of the Pressure Hull of Collective Escape Capsule
ZHANG HUA, Chen Luyu, Zhang Bo, Zhang Antong, Zhu Jianliang, Feng Jun  The Trials and Analysis of Hydrodynamic Characteristics for Underwater Glider

Science & Technology Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation
St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University
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